Localdev Foundation

Official website for localdev.foundation, developer of DDEV

Localdev Foundation

Official website for the Localdev Foundation, a Colorado (USA) nonprofit corporation, developer of DDEV.

DDEV Support and User-Contributed Documentation

We love to hear from our community and help them be successful with DDEV. Support options include:

  • Lots of built-in help: ddev help and ddev help <command>. You’ll find examples and explanations.
  • DDEV Documentation
  • DDEV Stack Overflow for support and frequently asked questions. We respond quite quickly here and the results provide quite a library of user-curated solutions.
  • DDEV issue queue for bugs and feature requests
  • The #ddev channels in Drupal Slack, TYPO3 Slack for interactive, immediate community support.
  • ddev-contrib repo provides a number of vetted user-contributed recipes for extending and using DDEV. Your contributions are welcome.
  • awesome-ddev repo has loads of external resources, blog posts, recipes, screencasts, and the like. Your contributions are welcome.
  • Twitter with tag #ddev will get to us, but it’s not as good for interactive support, but we’ll answer anywhere.

How can I donate to the Localdev Foundation

Thanks for asking! Lots of users and teams want a way to donate to the DDEV project, and here’s how:

  • GitHub Sponsors is the easiest way for GitHub users.
  • You can send a check (in USD please) to the snail mail address below.
  • Contact us for other options, something can work! And thanks!

Contact the Localdev Foundation

You can contact us any of the ways above, but feel free to contact support at localdev.foundation

Snail Mail and Phone:

Localdev Foundation
848 Montclair Dr
Palisade, CO 81526
+1 970-462-7450

Colorado nonprofit corporation registration